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[> Be the other girl.

You can't be the other girl, because you are still busy being this girl in one of several regularly alternating fashionable suits, despite the difficulty loading the original comment-heavy post. Plus, this party is pretty fun. You don't feel like being some other girl right now. You can do that later.]
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I don't really know where to start with these things, and I kinda wish I could do this more elegantly but whatever. Once again, probably spoilers ahead but less so than the other thingies.

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More Homestuck rambling. I was just going to say this in chan but then it got long so I thought I'd make a post. Spoilers and bad logic ahead.

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HUGE SPOILERS Homestuck babbling goes here as I try to organize my thoughts, so apologies for derp as honestly this is for me more than anybody else:

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